Brocket Hall Beautiful Wedding

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I was recommended to Julie and Paul to photograph their wedding at the end of September this year and went along to see them for a pre wedding meeting.  Julie and Paul were so easy to get on with and I quickly realised how much this wedding meant to them and to have lots of great pictures from their day.  They lived in St Albans and were getting married at St Peters Church in St Albans ( somewhere I have photographed a few times) and then their reception was at Brocket Hall ( another place I have photographed a few times).  Both of these venues provide outstanding photographic opportunities for a wedding so I already new there would be a lot of finished photographs for Julie and Paul.  There were actually 517 finished photographs post edited to a high quality which I think they will be very pleased with. It was a sunny day for their wedding and it started at their home.  Photographing the before the ceremony shots were lovely as I was able to talk to Julie and the family while photographing which always gives me a good incite into who they are and relaxes them for future photographs throughout the day.  Julie wanted a particular photograph of her and her daughter under her veil and I am pleased to say we got some great pics of that.  The wedding service was lovely at St Peters Church and we quickly got some group shots outside then some lovely photographs of Just the Two of Them in the gardens of the church and with the car. Then it was onto Brocket Hall for some stunning photographs in the grounds ( The best grounds I have photographed in) including some sneaky photos of the couple on the jetty across the lake.  The new Wedding Manger of Brocket Hall Claire could not be more friendly and looked after the couple and all the guests and even me extremely well. The Videography was by There are too many to put up on this post that I love but here are a few: