Hanbury Manor Wedding 2021 Summer

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Hanbury Manor Wedding

I have not photographed at Hanbury Manor Hotel and Country Club for Weddings for a couple of years ( one year due to Covid restrictions) so it was great to be back there. 

Hanbury Manor Hotel and Country Club is such a beautiful venue inside and out! It has a very modern bar and lounge area right by the large barn like ceremony and reception room, it has a vintage like Downton Abbey Lounge for romantic photographs, wooden old engraved stairway and then outside it has absolutely loads of photography opportunities expanding onto a golf course with stunning views.

You can see from my main image on here that their lavender was in full bloom and looking amazing for a romantic shot!

What I loved about this wedding is that Veronica, Dave and family were all such fun and very happy right from the start.  I loved how we got to see great views from one of the areas on the golf course where I got Veronica to twirl around in her dress, something she just loved doing! and I loved her dress which had just a touch of blush colour on it and suited her so well.

It was a long day but I really enjoyed it and getting so many photographs – they ended up with well over 450 edited images to a high quality and I am so looking forward to designing their wedding album too.

Here are just a few of my favourites – they even managed a sneaky dance behind their table due to Covid rules – loved it!!!