Engagement Shoot Luton Hoo

Looking forward to photographing this lovely couple at Luton Hoo in April this year and was pleased to be able to do a pre wedding shoot for them at the Venue at the end of November.  This is particularly good for couples who are a bit shy about having their photograph taken on their wedding day as a on a pre wedding shoot you get used to having the camera on you and having a little direction in how to pose.  It also gives the opportunity to get to know them as a couple too and put them at ease so they look forward to the wedding photographs being done.  It was a very windy day but there was still some autumn leaves around which creates lovely colours as a background and of course whatever the weather Luton Hoo makes a great statement to the background of any photograph.  The interior of Luton Hoo is also amazing – so much to photograph there that you never seem to have enough time to get it all done.

Luton Hoo Pre Wedding Ceri-06 Luton Hoo Pre Wedding Ceri-09 Luton Hoo Pre Wedding Ceri-14 Luton Hoo Pre Wedding Ceri-31 Luton Hoo Pre Wedding Ceri-33 Luton Hoo Pre Wedding Ceri-43 Luton Hoo Pre Wedding Ceri-50 Luton Hoo Pre Wedding Ceri-53