Newborn Baby Photography St Albans

I have had the pleasure of photographing a few newborn babies during January.  Weather really tiny or slightly bigger every baby is just scrumptious.  I love their little hands and feet and the way they interact with their parents even though they are only a few weeks old. Newborn babies make the best photographs, you need to be very patient as it can take a couple hours to photograph them inbetween feeding cuddling and changing them but it is always worth it!  Here are a few of my favourites from January.  It is lovely to get email from the parents afterwards saying how delighted they are to get so many lovely digital pics and some prints from me to remember this momentous occasion:Claire Baker - Newborn-63 Claire Baker - Newborn-74 Claire Baker - Newborn-75 Claire Baker - Newborn-84 Claire Baker - Newborn-89 Claire Baker - Newborn-92 Alpa Kara - Newborn-52 Alpa Kara - Newborn-64 Alpa Kara - Newborn-72 Alpa Kara - Newborn-76 Alpa Kara - Newborn-87 Rachel Smith 2-24 Rachel Smith 2-41 Rachel Smith 2-48 Rachel Smith 2-54 Rachel Smith 2-57 Rachel Smith 2-60 Rachel Smith 2-68 Rachel Smith 2-82