Small Winter Wedding

Even really small weddings are definitely worthy of having a professional photographer.  If I am covering one hour to three hours only of someone’s special day my aim is to provide the best photographs with whatever surroundings are available so that you have something great to look back on in years to come.  This is a great example of this. I was only there for two hours but Sarah and James loved their photograph so much they ordered lots of prints to make up an album of their own and to give to friends and family.  They were very shy and not looking forward to being photographed but sent me a lovely email thanking me so much for the images I created for them “Thank you so much for the lovely photos – we are absolutely thrilled by them and it was such a nice surprise to receive them in time for Christmas”.  Here are just a few from their 188 photographs:

Before the ceremony - James & Sarah-07 Before the ceremony - James & Sarah-11 Before the ceremony - James & Sarah-28 Before the ceremony - James & Sarah-30 Ceremony - James & Sarah-02 Ceremony - James & Sarah-13 Ceremony - James & Sarah-16 Ceremony - James & Sarah-22 Ceremony - James & Sarah-23 Ceremony - James & Sarah-39 Ceremony - James & Sarah-71 Ceremony - James & Sarah-79 Ceremony - James & Sarah-82 Ceremony - James & Sarah-84 Ceremony - James & Sarah-95 Ceremony part 2 - James & Sarah-03 Ceremony part 2 - James & Sarah-12 Just the two of us - James & Sarah-06 Just the two of us - James & Sarah-10 Just the two of us - James & Sarah-12 Just the two of us - James & Sarah-14 Just the two of us - James & Sarah-18 Just the two of us - James & Sarah-23 Just the two of us - James & Sarah-33