St Albans Registry Office Micro Weddings

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beautiful wedding photograph at St Albans Registry Office

For a few months earlier on this year up until July 2021 weddings had to be smaller numbers and because of that there were a lot of weddings at St Albans Registry Office.  The reason for this is that the interior is not a cold stark room but rather it has decent wooden chairs, carpet , antique table and tall manor like windows with thick drapes so it actually looks like you could be in some nice hotel.  It also has a great garden with lots of trees and in the summer tons of roses at the front.  If you bring all of this together with huge black wood doors like something in a castle you can see why so many choose this venue for smaller weddings.

  I am always happy to shoot a small wedding and just for an hour and a half or longer and that is why you will see the micro packages on my website.  You can choose from only digital images or add prints in a beautiful box with USB or an album.   That is all entirely up to you.  I work quick and know the venue well so couples are always surprised at how many images they get from such a short time.  I make sure I get the bride walking into the venue, the ceremony, friends and family, group photos and most important the “just the two of you” bit which I love the most. 

Instead of doing lots of bloggs I have added photos here that were taken just since April to July at St Albans Registry Office.  Please have a look at the wedding photos taken at St Albans Registry Office – I am a photographer who has 12 years experience and live in St Albans and shoot in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.  I have loved being a part of all these recent weddings especially when some have waited a while and had to change their date many times. These are just a few from each one as they all received over 150 images!  I wish them all the very best in their new married life: