St Michaels Manor Wedding Photographer

I have photographed at St Michaels Manor Hotel for many years now and as I also live in St Albans I feel it is like being home when I go there (even though it is far grander and far larger than my house obviously!) I love how St Michaels Manor is opulent but also feels intimate, the grounds have so many places to photograph in but it does not feel too large to walk around with a bride and groom.  As a St Albans Wedding Photographer I photograph in many venues around Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire but photographing weddings at St Michaels Manor is always a joy, and I really mean that.  So whether the wedding is large or small I am always ready and happy to come back to St Michaels Manor.  I recently photographed a small wedding just for two hours for a lovely couple, this was only a couple of weeks ago and I am happy to say their photographs are all finished and they are very happy with them.  Here are a few from their special day:

ceremony - Petsas Vasilios-07 ceremony - Petsas Vasilios-09 ceremony - Petsas Vasilios-11 ceremony - Petsas Vasilios-17 ceremony - Petsas Vasilios-18 ceremony - Petsas Vasilios-21 ceremony - Petsas Vasilios-25 ceremony - Petsas Vasilios-28 ceremony - Petsas Vasilios-34 ceremony - Petsas Vasilios-36 ceremony - Petsas Vasilios-45 ceremony - Petsas Vasilios-49 ceremony - Petsas Vasilios-50 ceremony - Petsas Vasilios-60 ceremony - Petsas Vasilios-73 reception - Petsas Vasilios-11 reception - Petsas Vasilios-13 reception - Petsas Vasilios-21 reception - Petsas Vasilios-35 reception - Petsas Vasilios-44 reception - Petsas Vasilios-51 reception - Petsas Vasilios-52 reception - Petsas Vasilios-58 St Michaels Manor Weddings reception - Petsas Vasilios-66 reception - Petsas Vasilios-68 reception - Petsas Vasilios-75 reception - Petsas Vasilios-76 reception - Petsas Vasilios-80 reception - Petsas Vasilios-84 reception - Petsas Vasilios-86St