Wedding Albums do matter

In this day and age of digital images we do not always appreciate the difference in seeing and holding a printed image. Time and time again when the bride and groom see their images in an album they can not believe how they look even better than the digital images they had.  My albums are developed by one of the best album manufacturers in the world – Graphi Studio – and it is always such a delight to present the bride and groom with an amazing wedding album of their special day which I know they will cherish for a life time.  Here is just an example in low resolution of a wedding designed into an album:

002-003 004-005 006-007 008-009 010-011 012-013 014-015 016-017 018-019 020-021 022-023 024-025 026-027 028-029 030-031 032-033 034-035 036-037 038-039 040-041 042-043