Wedding at The Grove

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When I was asked to photograph Katheleen and Alans marriage at the Registry Office in St Albans and at The Grove Hotel in Watford I could tell from the phone call that Katheleen sounded a lot of fun and hence her wedding photographs would need to be fun too.  Katheleen explained that she was not in her 20’s or 30’s or 40’s  but slightly older but still wanted a great memory of her special day even though she was keeping the wedding very small and only needed me for a few hours.  As the wedding was a week day wedding at St Albans Registry Office I was more than happy to just do a 3 hours for her but still give her a great selection of photographs and especially wedding photographs in black and white which she said she loved the most.  Well it was a very sunny day, Katheleen and Alan were indeed a lot of fun and very lovely people.   The Grove Hotel had a beach area and gardens so we had a bit of fun in there doing some quick photos too.  Here are some from their day:before-the-ceremony-kathaleen-alan-02 before-the-ceremony-kathaleen-alan-06 before-the-ceremony-kathaleen-alan-07 before-the-ceremony-kathaleen-alan-10 before-the-ceremony-kathaleen-alan-14 before-the-ceremony-kathaleen-alan-21 ceremony-kathaleen-alan-04 ceremony-kathaleen-alan-08 ceremony-kathaleen-alan-12 ceremony-kathaleen-alan-25 ceremony-kathaleen-alan-31 ceremony-kathaleen-alan-33 ceremony-kathaleen-alan-47 ceremony-kathaleen-alan-49 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-04 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-07 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-10 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-15 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-22 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-24 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-42 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-56 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-58 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-67 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-76 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-80 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-84 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-88 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-89 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-91 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-95 the-afternoon-kathaleen-alan-96